the last storm

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Dátum fotenia: 21.10.2021
Dátum pridania: 6.11.2021 15:20

my last try to windsurf this year

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my bicycle trailer
windgusts spray water ont ...
down on the beach
view into the former pit
slashed tres on the way t ...



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04.05.2022 o 04:04

This is called "Lake Störmthal". It's located right "behind my house" 10min by foot ;-). It is a former pit from daylight mining for brown cole that has been flooded. The small ponton-island with the roof of a church tower reminds on a flooded village. The former pit was 70m deep. I guess the deepest point under water may be still 40m. So its everything else than shallow, few steps and you need to swim.
30.11.2021 o 14:19

Nice Thomas, what is the place called? Seems like flat water sport with nice and open wind conditions....👍